Welcome to Govt. G.L.D.M Degree College Hiranagar (NAAC Accredited with Grade B+)


The college believes in following the Code of Professional Ethics in our academic pursuits and the plagiarism of any nature is not permitted. The academic plagiarism refers to the use of the works related to any of the following areas without attribution or acknowledgement to the one who is the real creator of such works.
• Lectures, or oral presentations.
• Power point presentation, images etc.
• Web pages, webcasts, and other MM works.
• Creative works of any nature including artistic, musical etc.
• Lab experiment designs / reports, etc.
• Thesis / research data, chapters, unpublished / published research works, research proposals, reviews of literature, thesis / paper abstracts.
Besides faculty, desirous of pursuing research or are engaged in the publication of the research works, the prospective student research scholars are also cautioned not to resort to use of published or unpublished research work of any other scholar and claiming as one’s own for academic pursuits because this would amount to plagiarism.
The college adopts Code of Professional Ethics for maintaining academic integrity and discouraging plagiarism practice by faculty and students. The college guides both students and the faculty to believe in originality and conceptualization of own concepts, ideas, writings and research publications based on one’s own findings.
The teachers are also asked to make our policy of Code of Professional Ethics known to their students in their respective classes.